Just War

Our war, the Vietnam War, was not just for many reasons. First of all, there was not a just cause or reason for the United States (us) to get involved in the war. The only reason we went to war with the North Vietnamese was to prevent Communism from spreading to South Vietnam, which wouldn't have affected our country. We do not believe that the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution was an adequate way for President Truman to go about fighting the North Vietnamese. Congress never formally declared war although an overwhelming majority of them voted for the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. We believe that those that voted for it may not have realized the extent of the power they were giving to Truman. They were basically giving him the power to wage war without officially declaring it. The United States had good intentions in trying to stop the spread of Communism, but it was not our country's business to get involved in how other countries should be governed. We do not believe that the war was a last resort, but instead a way for the American government to accomplish their goal of quickly and easily getting rid of the threat of Communism in South Vietnam, which they did not actually do. The Vietnam War was not proportional at all. Around three million Vietnamese, some of which were innocent citizens, died, along with 58,000 Americans. The United States lost the war, and South Vietnam was taken over by Communism, so their was no good achieved.