Last Resort

Last resort is when all reasonable peaceful alternatives have been exhausted or have been deemed impractical or ineffective. When the United States joined the Vietnam War it was not the last resort. The U.S. did not have fight in Vietnam, nothing was achieved for the U.S. when the war was finished. There could have been other solutions that were more peaceful.
Peace talks are one alternative that could have been suggested before war. The only time a peace talk was taken in to action was when President Nixon was in power in 1972. He required them to respond within 72 hours or face the Consquences. When the North Vietnamese did not respond, Nixon began the Line backer II operation. From December 18-30, 1972, the U.S. dropped approximately 40,000 tons of boms on targets. This was unreasonable and the U.S. should have let the Northern Vietnamese decide within a longer period. 
The U.S. only joined the war to stop communism spread when they could have had a discussion with the leaders.  The U.S. went into Vietnam so communism wouldn't spread because the U.S. believes in Democracy. Not every problem can be solved militarily. We should have empathized our enemy before taking so many lives.
There was a vote to decide what was best for the country when Vietnam was split at the 17th parrallel until it could be unified. This would be done by a vote 2 years later and during this time the Norht became communist while the south was anti-communist regime. The election were stopped by the U.S. due to the fact that Ho Chi Minh would win because the south president was Ngo Dinh Diem who was a catholic in a buddist country. We cannot control other countries based on our beliefs and this vote could have prevented the war from continuing.
To have a peacful alternative it could better the human race. The U.S. could have written an agreement between the Northern Vietnam. It could have stated that they would not spread communism to neighboring countries and if they did the U.S. would inflict war.