Proper Authority

Proper Authority is when the legitimate authority must decare the war. The legitimate authority to authorize a war should be in congress control only.  This is because this is how the constitution is written and designed it this way to hopefully prevent bad decisions and keep the power of military out of one person’s control.  So in order for a war or a conflict to be issued, it should be voted on by congress, not controlled by the president, and congress should feel obligated to end the war if public support drops, or if the war appears to have no end.  The president should not have the power to start a conflict or war, as this is too much power for any one man to possess.  This is applicable to the Vietnam War, as congress did not vote for the Vietnam War; as a result, President Johnson suggested the Gulf of Tonkin revolution, which gave all the power of war to the president.  I believe that this should not have been passed by congress, as it removed the power of congress to debate about whether or not the war should be continued and whether or not the war is legitimate.