Threat of Nuclear Weapons Used/ Other WMD's

During the Vietnam War, the United States possessed nuclear weapons, yet they didn't use any. Vietnam didn't obtain any nuclear weapons, so the United States was not threatened by them. The United States decided not to use nuclear weapons on Vietnam because the United States didn't consider everyone in Vietnam to be there enemy, and they didn't want the war to escalate into a global war. There were a few chemical weapons that were used in the Vietnam war. One of those was "Agent Orange", and that was named by the large orange barrels it was carried in. A benefit of Agent Orange was that it was able to kill the vegetation, and that would help expose the enemies hiding spots. A risk that Agent Orange had was to cause people to become deformed. Agent Blue was similar to that, and the goal of Agent Blue was to deprive the Viet Cong from food and other valuable plants. A napalm strike was another popular chemical weapon in the Vietnam War. A napalm strike had a gel-like gasoline substance that would stick to skin, and that would cause people to burn to death, it also destroyed lots of vegetation.