New Weapons

M-16A1 Assault Rifle: this had some issues in the beginning of its use, but proved very useful and is still the man infantry rifle used today.

M-60 GPMG: This was a general purpose machine gun used by both sides.

M-203, 40mm grenade launcher: This was simply a combination of the M16A1 and the original grenade launcher.

M-72 Light Anti-Tank Weapons (LAW): Originally designed as a rocket launcher, this was used in Vietnam to destroy bunkers and attack enemies that were entrenched.

Gun Ships: contrary to its name, these were simply heavily-armed aircrafts

Cobra: an attack helicopter, similar to a gun ship

B-52: An airstrike of bombs "rolling thunder" or "spooky"

The A-7 Corsair II-single seat and engine war bomber

The Helicopter: Supply crafts and Rescue missions, move troops more quickly into hossitle areas. Then could remove them after fighting. Also provided rapid and wide-ranging fire to help the troops on the ground.

Underground Tunnels: to hide from U.S. Firepower. All built by hand and had everyday rooms.

Vietcong Traps: there was a wide range of traps that were hidden in the groud.