The outcome of the Vietnam was a victory for communism. Not only because we did not stop communism in Vietnam, but also because we sacrificed our principles of doing good to try to abolish evil. So not only did we fail to free Vietnam, we lost ourselves in the process and only brought death and destruction. Also, because of the major disagreement of the war amongst the public, the soldiers who returned who had risked their lives because they were ordered too, were rejected by the public and were not welcomed home. They fought for the country, and were ordered by people, whom the public elected, and they were looked down upon for fighting in the war. Also, as a result from the war, there was high tension between the public and the government. So the overall outcome of the Vietnam War was death, destruction, distrust, and overall a victory for communism, not just because they then controlled Vietnam, but also because we lost ourselves to a high enough degree we started doing evil, to fight evil.